Here are the presenters and demo times at the Festival!

Read more about the experts and the presentations here!

One of the main reasons we created our festivals is to educate people on the importance and joy of homemade fermented foods. As such, we curate an all-star lineup of experts and personalities who share their passion and expertise.

We’ve built an amazing lineup for this year’s Festival!

  • 11:30a Fermented Foods, Your Microbiome, and Your Health: How to Separate Truth from Hype [Discussion]
  • 11:30a Delicious Dairy Free Cheese in Under One Hour [Demo]
  • 12:00p The American Gut Project: A Citizen Science Approach to Unraveling the Mysteries of the Human Microbiome [Discussion]
  • 12:30p Effortless Cultured Cheese for Total Beginners [Demo]
  • 1:00p Global FoodOmics: The Microbes and Small Molecules of Fermented Foods [Discussion]
  • 1:30p Kimchi For All Seasons [Demo]
  • 2:00p The Art of Mead Tasting and Food Pairing [Discussion]
  • 2:30p Natto: It’s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore [Demo]
  • 3:00p The Two-way Relationship Between your Microbiome and a Healthy Diet [Panel]
  • 3:30p How to Fall in Love with Koji [Demo]
  • 4:00p Brewing up a Business: Going Pro with Your Fermentation Hobby [Panel]

We will also have authors’ book signings at the Microcosm Publishing booth, as well as various demos on beer making, pickles and other vegetable fermentation, and more!


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