Discussion: Fermentation Education and Community Impact

2:30pm | Main Stage

Featured Speaker: Tara Whitsitt, Fermentation on Wheels

Tara Whitsitt of grassrootsTara Whitsitt project Fermentation on Wheels will share stories from her journey in developing more accessible, creative, and community driven educational programs nationwide. Since her departure from Eugene, OR in October 2013, with mission to cultivate community, raise food awareness, and teach fermentation, Tara has traveled over 20,000 miles, inspired thousands of students, and bears a diverse collection of starter cultures from all corners of the country.

Following the keynote, join Tara on her bus-converted-workshop space, library, and fermentation laboratory!


Workshop: Fermenting Pulses– Tempeh & Miso

10:30am | Demo StageSarah Nelson

Presenter: Sarah Miller, Killer Pickles

Learn to make your own delicious tempeh and miso at home at a fraction of the price of store-bought! Fresh tempeh has a delightfully mushroomy flavor and is easy and fun to make. Miso can be made with readily available ingredients and from a variety of beans. When you make your own tempeh and miso at home you control all the ingredients – you can choose organic and GMO-free beans, and you can even ferment non-soy beans. The possibilities are endless! In this class you will see the step-by-step processes and get a chance to taste some delicious samples.

Sarah Miller is the author of the Killer Pickles blog, where you can find tutorials and recipes for sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, and more. She also runs the Wild Fermentation group on Facebook – 50,000 worldwide members! Sarah loves to FERMENT ALL THE THINGS! and has fun playing in with food in her kitchen.

Discussion: Fermenting a Sustainable Food System: A Recipe for Good

11:30am | Main Stage

Presenter: Sash Sunday, OlyKraut

sunday-021We all want a sustainable food system but what exactly does that mean?  Sash will explain the concept of the triple bottom line and how she is building a mission driven, for-profit business.  These concepts will provide you with tools to create a more sustainable business, assess an investment opportunity, or just figure out which local, artisanal shoelace company is the one you want to support!

Sash Sunday was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and co-founded OlyKraut in 2008.  OlyKraut is a raw sauerkraut company that puts Sash’s fermentation fanaticism to work building a food system that supports vibrant health and sustainable farms.  Making delicious, nourishing, raw fermented vegetables with tons (literally!) of local produce while spreading the good word on healthy microbes is her idea of a good time.  She studied food, food systems, fermentation and sustainable agriculture at The Evergreen State College and earned her MBA in Sustainable Systems at Pinchot University.

Workshop:  Tsukemono Pickles: Your New Kitchen Pet

11:30am | Demo Stage

Presenter: Heidi Nestler

heidi_nestlerQuintessentially Japanese, rice bran pickles (nukazuke) can be made in about 24 hours, so this a very quick way to get lacto-fermented vegetables into your diet. Vegetables are pickled in a medium of rice bran (nuka), salt and other flavor and nutrient enhancers such as kombu, dried hot peppers, hot mustard powder, and ginger mixed with enough water to form a miso-like paste. The results are crunchy and uniquely flavored. If you fall in love with these pickles, a nuka pot could be your new kitchen pet. Properly maintained, this pickling medium can be passed on to future generations. Heidi will demonstrate how to create the rice bran pickling medium, how to get it quickly populated with beneficial microorganisms and how to maintain it. There will be samples to try!

Heidi Nestler is the Community Nutrition Night Coordinator for Quest Center for Integrative Health in Portland and teaches classes focused on fermentation and traditional foods. Heidi first became passionate about fermentation while living in rural Japan during the 1990s. Over the years she has studied with Sandor Katz in Portland and Tennessee and recently collaborated with Elizabeth Andoh on an article about DIY natto.

Discussion: Chocolate– From the Tree to a Bar

12:30pm | Main Stage

Presenter: Verenis Estrada, Pitch Dark Chocolate

Picture nicaraguaCacao fermentation is a tricky business that if done correctly can provide exquisite fine grade cacao that leads to delicious chocolate. However, the techniques and understanding needed for fermentation are rarely understood by many. This presentation will cover how cacao is grown and the conditions it requires, the fermentation process of cacao once picked and cracked by the farmers and how the final chocolate product is affected by fermentation practices. This presentation will be great for those who want to learn more about the effects cacao handling has on their final chocolate product. And there will be cacao nibs to sample!

Verenis is a local to Portland. She pursued a Bachelors degree at Portland State University in Micro/Molecular Biology and a Minor in Chemistry. Her love of food led her to attend the University of Western States in Portland for a Masters degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. She is one of the owners at Pitch Dark Chocolate, a bean to bar chocolate company that focuses on fine grade cacao and chocolate that works closely in origin to provide the best chocolate which can be made. Verenis also works with clients locally to attain their health goals via functional nutrition.

Workshop: Why You Need Kimchi and How to Make It

12:30pm | Demo Stage

Presenter: Alex Freedman, Home Grown Food Products

AFreedmanBioPicIn this interactive demo, you’ll learn about the rich tradition and incredible health benefits of one of the world’s most ancient and delicious vegetable ferments: Kimchi!  Get to see the simplest, easiest way to get fermented foods into your kitchen and into your life.  Perfect for anyone who is interested in fermentation but has never tried it before, or who has questions about their home fermentation and is looking for some guidance and advice.  Join the Fermentation Revolution!

Alex Freedman is the founder of Home Grown Food Products, producer of artisan lacto-fermented vegetable products including Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Fermented Hot Sauce, Pickles, Chow Chow and more!  His commitment to local food systems, health and nutrition, and rejuvenating local and rural economies stems from his experience with and passion for small-scale organic farming and permaculture, as well as grassroots outreach and education.

Workshop: Kraut Everyday, Every Way!

1:30pm | Demo Stage

Presenter: Julie O’Brien, Firefly Kitchens

Julie Headshot 10.1The health benefits of raw, organic sauerkraut, or kimchi, are undisputed, but unfortunately many people are reluctant to try it. Julie will teach you how you can incorporate these beneficial foods into your daily routine. Taking some favorite recipes from cookbook Fresh & Fermented, she will demonstrate simple ways to jazz up everyday meals and drinks, create more vibrant meals and add a twist to your favorite smoothies, dips, salsas, sandwiches and even desserts! Samples will be provided, too!

Born in Alaska, Julie spent her childhood harvesting fresh seafood, picking ripe berries, foraging for wild greens, and learning everything she could from her parents and community members about the local food system. Later, she pursued her certification in Nutritional Therapy where she was introduced to Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions and discovered the magic of traditionally fermented foods. After years of experimenting with fermented veggies at home, she and her business partner launched Firefly Kitchens in 2010. Today, Firefly continues to grow and their products are available in stores across the West Coast and in Western Canada. Julie’s true love is sharing tasty and healthy foods, (especially kraut) with any and all!


Workshop: Your Beer, Your Way: Kitchen Craft Ale

3:45pm | Demo Stagehbxlogo

Presenters: Stan Barnes and Greg Joyce, Homebrew Exchange

Ah yes, delicious Pacific Northwest Craft Beer. That superb, resinous elixir: its dank secret closely held by only the beardiest of flannel-clad wizards. Wrong! Anybody can make first-rate, palate-pleasing, friend-impressing, party-starting ales (and more) at home. It’s not complicated! It’s just a process. Learn how with the Homebrew Exchange in this quick discussion.